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The TR Club Holland is one of the major Dutch classic car-clubs, organizing all enthusiasts for Triumph TR Sports Cars, with a membership of close to 1000. As such we are a centre of expertise on Triumph TR’s and we also organize several interesting events every year, sometimes in cooperation with other Triumph oriented clubs. To name but a few:

  • The Memorial Maus Gatsonides run (MMG) in the autumn. The ‘Maus’, as we like to call it, is held in fond memory of our late honorary member Maus Gatsonides, who used to be very successful in the great international rallies, especially in TR’s.
  • The TR Meet & Greet weekend during summer, where usually several famous historical TR’s are on show.
  • Participation in the British CARS & Lifestyle Fair in early springtime.
  • The British Car Club Day in the autumn with many other British Classic Car Clubs. The day is being organized by the TR Club and the Austin Healey Owners Club Nederland.
  • Various regional events and runs, often going abroad.
  • Participation in the TR Register International Weekend in the UK.
  • Participation in the Euromeet TR meetings every year.

The exact dates for the events can be found on the Events List (Evenementen Kalender).

This website can provide you with further information on various subjects. Regrettably the information is all in Dutch, but in most cases you will be able to get an impression at least. There are sections on Club news, the organization of the club (TR club), with sub directories on the Board (Bestuur), membership (Lidmaatschap) . Of course there is also an overview of all Triumph TR types. Under ‘Ledenservice’ you will find information on the Club magazine TRaffic and on the Club Regalia shop. There is a survey of the Regions under ‘Regio’s’. Finally we have a 'Forum' on which all TR problems can be discussed and – hopefully- clarified.

In case you would like to be further informed on subjects that still remain unclear to you, you can always mail your questions to our club secretary at ofni.[antispam].@trclub.nl.
And in case you would like to attend an event, remember the old adage: It’s never far in a TR!


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